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Simply Spooktacular! Healthy Halloween Recipes

It’s Halloween, a time of festive costumes, fun decorations and an explosion of fall-flavored treats! With all the celebrating, it’s scary how easily unhealthy snacks can sneak into your diet. Halloween doesn’t need to be filled with bags of candy corn, chocolate bars and sugary treats. There are plenty of seasonal fall goodies filled with nutritional goodness to keep you from going overboard on the sweets.

You can still let the kids be kids without stuffing their bellies (and yours!) with candy. Here are some healthier homemade Halloween ideas that are not as spooky to eat.

Spine-chilling Fruits and Vegetables

Carrot Witch Fingers - Create creepy witch fingers using carrot sticks for a healthy snack by itself, or served with hummus as a light dip. Take it up a notch and add sliced almonds to represent fingernails.

Apple Snacks – Use this fall favorite to make spooky apple slices. The possibilities are endless; use Halloween cookie cutters to make your favorite monster shapes.

Ghostly Dipped Strawberries – Dip strawberries in white chocolate or yogurt for mini ghost bites.

Spooky Banana Pops - Peel bananas and decorate like a spooky ghost for a fun and festive way to play with your food. 

Trick or Treat Trail Mix

Create your own trail mix using pumpkin seeds, nuts and dried fruits. This is a spooktacular way to get important nutrients like omega-3s and healthy fats into your little monster’s diet. Portion trail mix into small baggies to snack on instead of devouring the contents of the candy bowl.

Crunchy Pumpkin Seeds

Carving jack-o-lanterns is a fun family activity, but can make a mess. Clean up by roasting delicious and nutritious pumpkin seeds along with your favorite seasonal spice.

Sweet Potato Chips

Oven-baked sweet potato chips are a cinch to make at home and healthier than their greasy counterparts. Thinly slice a few sweet potatoes and roast them with olive oil and spices in the oven at 400 degrees for 22-25 minutes. These snacks won’t last long, so plan to make extra!

In what ways are you making Halloween healthier this year?

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