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Simple 101 on Mushrooms: How to Choose, Store and Enjoy

Looking to add flavor to your routine dishes? Cooking with mushrooms is an easy way to add extra zest to your favorite meals. Although available year round, mushrooms make a grand appearance as we head into the cooler months and crave warm, flavor-packed meals. These edible fungi are loaded with powerful antioxidants and come in varieties that range in texture, taste and size. Here are some simple tips to help you choose, store and cook the mighty mushroom.

Mushrooms can sometimes look pretty odd, but selecting them does not need to be intimidating. Whether you are cooking with popular, delicate white mushrooms, large, steak-like portabellas, or meaty shiitakes, you will want to select those with a texture that is firm and smooth. Moisture and mushrooms don’t mix, so select mushrooms that are dry, but not dried out and rough.

Mushrooms can last up to a week in the refrigerator. If kept whole instead of sliced, they can last even longer. Remove any plastic wrapping and store them in a paper bag to help keep them dry.

Never immerse or soak your mushroom in water. To clean, carefully brush off any dirt with a damp cloth or quickly rinse the top of your mushrooms and dab off.


White mushrooms are the most common type of mushroom to eat raw; however, cooking mushrooms enhances their flavors and makes them more delicate. If sautéing, you will want to cook your mushrooms slowly to preserve taste and composition. Since they are such a versatile ingredient, you can use mushrooms for just about any dish. Enjoy sautéed mushrooms on pizzas or mix into wild rice or quinoa dishes. Add fresh, sliced mushrooms into salads and use portabellas as a great meat substitute in burgers and tacos.


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