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Planning the Ultimate Garden Party for Friends and Family

Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and the natural landscape of your backyard. When you spend time, money and effort in creating the perfect garden, you should take the time to enjoy it. A garden party can be a great addition to your weekend or evening dinner plans. The bountiful and colorful scenery is the perfect backdrop for relaxation, fresh air and good times with close friends.

Whatever the size of your garden, there are plenty of ways to make it work.

Decorations and lighting are important factors to consider. Tiki torches, lantern lights and eco-friendly candles are great ways to set the mood. Fresh floral arrangements for your table’s centerpiece contribute to the ambiance.

In addition to atmosphere, consider your menu as an essential component of your party. Try to base your menu on items currently in season, or even growing in your garden. Stay with the theme and keep things fresh, organic, and healthy!

Drink pairings are essential. Choose drinks that complement your meal and are appropriate for your guests. Chilled wine and champagne are just the thing for a garden party, but make sure you consider guests who would prefer non-alcoholic beverages like ginger ale, sparkling water and fresh fruit juices.

What personal touches would you add to make your party memorable?

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