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Kitchen Shortcut: Dinner Prep Pointers

In such a busy world, we often don’t devote enough time to the food we eat. Simply eating at home and giving food the attention that it deserves can help you reach your healthy goals.

We have put together five simple steps that will help you cook from scratch more frequently. This is a great change that can soon become habit if you take the time to incorporate these tips into your everyday life.

1. Pick a familiar or favorite recipe

There is no sense in choosing a difficult, gourmet recipe for just an average night. Start simple, and add to a recipe as you see fit. Save the new and intricate meals for the days that you can devote more time and attention. For now, create a quick, healthy dish that you know you and your family will enjoy.

2. Use what’s freshly picked

By using seasonal produce, you are not only using the freshest ingredients – you’re also saving money. Peak-season produce tends to be more abundant and affordable. Choose recipes that are compatible with the seasons, ensuring you get the highest quality at the best value.

3. Choose a day for prep 

Whether it’s Sunday or another lazy day, you need time to think ahead. Use a designated date to complete the majority of your grocery shopping. Shopping weekly ensures you are using fresh ingredients and creating less food waste. Cook, cut, prep and chop items that can be prepared in advance. Make sure to invest in some reusable containers to be more eco-conscious.

4. Kitchen gadgets can be your best friend - if you know the ones that are the most useful

Not every kitchen gadget is going to be the best, and many are gimmicks to fill up your junk drawer. Pick a few kitchen utensils you just couldn’t live without. Some useful appliances that save you time in the kitchen include crock pots, rice cookers and food processors. Having citrus squeezers, mesh strainers and a sharp chef's knife can simplify your cooking. Spending a little bit more on your kitchen tools will save you time and headache in the long run.

5. Make it a family event

Bring the loved ones in for backup in the kitchen. Assign everyone a task and have fun. The prep time will be cut nearly in half and everyone will appreciate the time and effort it takes to put good food on the table.

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