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Hosting a Simple Truth Halloween Party

Hosting a Halloween party may seem scary (for obvious reasons!), but with Simple Truth, it can be fun, creative and, yes, simple! Here are four easy tips for hosting a perfectly spook-tacular event!

  1. Bobbing for apples – then what?

Bobbing for apples is a fun, traditional activity at many Halloween parties. But what do you do with all the leftover apples? Don’t let them go to waste! While a delicious apple crisp or sweet apple pie is certainly an option, keep the fun going at the party without needing to heat the oven. Simply slice the remaining apples and serve up with Simple Truth Organic Peanut Butter – crunchy or creamy, depending on your preference!

  1. Pumpkin seeds without the mess

Love pumpkin seeds, but hate the gooey mess it takes to get them? Never fear! With Simple Truth Organic Raw Pumpkin Seeds you get all the crunch and flavor without the sticky fingers. Place in a bowl for snacking or toss with your favorite nuts, dried fruit and candies for a fall-themed trail mix. Planning a kid-friendly craft? Pumpkin seeds work perfectly as glue-on decorations!

  1. Witch’s brew

No party is complete without a warm beverage to keep away the cold. A hot cup of apple cider is just the thing! Simple Truth Organic 100% Apple Juice makes the perfect base to your recipe. Simply add juice, oranges, cloves and cinnamon sticks to a slow cooker and you’re all set for this simple crowd-pleaser.

Prefer a chilled brew? Simple Truth Blood Orange Soda is perfect for all ages. Fill a plastic glove with water, freeze and use the resulting hand-shaped ice cube as a ghoulish addition to your soda punch bowl!

  1. Pumpkin “can” do it!

Simple Truth Canned Pumpkin can be used in just about anything, from smoothies to pies. Spice up your party cupcakes with this delicious fall staple. Simply mix one can of pumpkin in your cupcake mix (works best with white, spiced or chocolate flavors) and you’ve got a party favorite on your hands!

See, hosting a Halloween party doesn’t have to fill you with horror. Simple Truth is here to help.

What are some simple hosting tricks of your own?

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