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Fun with Fitness

If you’re like us, you’ve probably spent the last few weeks in a gym working off those extra holiday pounds you’ve packed on. But let’s face it, that routine can get old quickly. Once we get bored, when the gym comes up on the to-do list we're more likely to take it off than check it off.

To avoid the indoor gym blues, you have to make it fun. Yes, sometimes it’s going to be a struggle. That’s why incorporating some fun fitness throughout your day will make you feel like you aren’t working out at all.  Here are simple suggestions to work up a sweat during your everyday routine.

Getting outside

As the weather warms up, take your routine outside. Explore your local community and spend more time with nature, whether that’s taking the dogs for a walk or going on a nice stroll around your neighborhood after dinner. And if you’re looking for something new, try picking up something adventurous like jogging, kayaking, swimming or golfing.

Home sweet home

You can get a good workout in the comfort of your own home, even if you’re pressed for time. Exercise equipment for your home doesn’t need to be expensive. A set of weights, a jump rope and a workout mat is just about all you’ll need. You can even fit in mini-workouts throughout your day. It may sound silly, but try doing lunges during laundry time, crunches during commercials and dips while loading the dishwasher.

Working out at work

You can even get a workout at work! Instead of taking a lunch break, go for a walk. If you sit at a desk, swap out the office chair for an exercise balance ball. Try to get up and stretch every hour, especially if you tend to sit in a chair for the majority of your day.

How do you sneak fitness into your everyday routine?

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