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Energy Boosters: Recharge Your Day for Simply Better Living

Energy is a hot commodity nowadays. If you find it hard to wake up in the morning or hit a wall mid-day, you are not alone. Many struggle to maintain energy levels throughout the day, especially with demanding workloads and family schedules. Before you reach for the coffee pot, consider these healthy, natural energy boosters:

  • Start the morning off right with a nutritious breakfast such as unsweetened oatmeal, organic cage-free eggs, or perhaps a green smoothie. Bagels may sound great, but refined carbs do not have essential protein and will actually inhibit any energy producing attributes.
  • Have fruit available throughout the day to refuel your energy.
  • Take care of important business in the morning, whether that means running errands, hitting the gym, or attending meetings. As the day moves on, your mental ability to focus will be hindered.
  • Add a physical element into your day any way you can. It can be as simple as a short, brisk walk around the room or stretching at your desk. Exercising helps increase circulation, which in turn will help with energy levels.
  • Substitute green tea or a glass of water for coffee to keep you hydrated.
  • Find more time to enjoy the things you truly love to do. Increased happiness will give you a jolt of energy and drive.
  • Get on a solid sleeping schedule. Listen to your natural sleeping patterns and adjust. Aim for seven hours of sleep each night.

Do you tend to crash as your day goes on? Any simple pick-me-ups that work for you?

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