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Chill Out: Homemade Frozen Fruit Pops

Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer day than a frozen pop. Yet while you are cooling down with your chilly treat, you could be filling your body with unnecessary sugars and artificial colors.

Homemade frozen fruit pops are the best way to know exactly what you’re consuming. This healthy trend allows youto create flavors that may not be available in stores. And when money is tight, homemade frozen fruit pops are a great economical option.

Searching for a unique party option for children and adults alike? This can be a cute treat that’s easy on the go! If you have a favorite smoothie, why not enjoy it by freezing it in a mold? Or, if you are craving a chocolate creation, go for a banana dipped in dark chocolate.

If you could create any flavored frozen treat, what would it be?

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