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Apr 18 2014
Vegetarian Eggs Benedict
By Karen Ilhardt, Kroger Home Economist Customer Connect (C|c)


 4 Simple Truth Frozen Meatless Breakfast Patties

4 large Simple Truth eggs, poached

2 English Muffins, split and toasted

½  cup Simple Truth Organic Plain Yogurt

1 tsp prepared mustard

Apr 1 2014
No Fooling!
No Fooling!
By Karen Ilhardt, Home Economist Kroger Customer Connect (C|c)

Ever had an “April’s Fool” joke played on you?   Most of us have.   Now is the time to turn the tables.  You can surprise family and friends with recipes that contain creative ingredients.   They may never know the moist chocolate cake they are enjoying actually has green tomatoes in it… unless, of course you tell them.   Personally, I like to have fun with people guessing the “secret ingredient”   after they have eaten some of it.

Mar 18 2014
Moooove Over Meat: Simple Truth Vegetarian Cooking
Moooove Over Meat: Simple Truth Vegetarian Cooking
By Sarah Koeninger, RD LD, Dietitian Supervisor, Kroger Customer Connect (C|c)

Have you recently had a meatless meal? Did you realize it at the time? What about your parents or grandparents — do you think they would have chosen to eat a meatless meal out of preference and not necessity? Chances are you may have decided to eat certain foods because they are vegetarian, but people in previous generations ate meatless meals only out of necessity. Families tended to be bigger, so diets were made up of foods that would go a longer way. In addition, modern-day amenities such as refrigeration have come a long way in the last couple of decades.

Mar 28 2013
A Day in the Life of a Vegan
A Day in the Life of a Vegan
By Molly McBride, RD, LD

Vegan. What comes to mind when you hear this word? Vegetables? Extremists? Maybe people who could gain some weight? Weird food? How about someone who is weak or fragile? Definitely a person who doesn’t have a lot of fun?  We are hoping to dispell some of these myths by taking you through the life of a vegan.


Oct 29 2012
What's All This Talk About Meatless Monday?
What's All This Talk About Meatless Monday?
By Carolyn Brown MS, RD

What if instead of having a “case of the Mondays,” you could start your week off with good karma AND more money in your pocket, all while doing something healthy for yourself? Come on, after the weekend you probably need it. The antidote: Meatless Mondays. Go vegetarian and be fully plant-powered for one day a week. It’s totally doable and the benefits are major.

Vegetarian BBQ
By Molly McBride, RD, LD Kroger C|c Corporate Dietitian

It’s still grill time!  Both herbivores and omnivores alike can enjoy a late summer BBQ with family and friends!  What options are there when it comes to creating the perfect plant-based BBQ experience?   Let Simple Truth® help: