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Bon Appetit Simplified! Celebrate Julia Child's 100th Birthday

Cooking legend Julia Child would have turned 100 today! To celebrate, we are revisiting the passion that she had for food, French cooking and how it fits into modern-day.

Julia Child made French cuisine possible for moms around the nation during the 1960s and ‘70s. She was a pioneer of the classic cooking shows that now saturate cable television.

Julia Child was a real inspiration; many loved her cheerful attitude toward a fresh, wholesome meal in the home. Her motto was to enjoy life and eat real food. She challenged herself and was never afraid to challenge her audience.

One of Julia Child’s best recommendations was the basic French omelet using fresh eggs and simple ingredients to make the dish light and fluffy. The egg should be the highlight of the meal, and not jam-packed with cheeses and meats like something you would get at a breakfast joint. The omelet should be lightly cooked — never dark, crunchy or dry. The key is low heat and minimal ingredients (1–2 if possible).

This simple recipe uses goat cheese and fresh herbs, reminding us that we can have breakfast for any meal!

What do you put in your morning omelet?

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