Simple Truth

Size 6 Diapers

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Simple Truth Diapers are comfortable for baby and gentle on the environment. They are made with renewable, plant based resources and Totally Chlorine Free Pulp to be gentle on your baby's skin.

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20 ct.



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I bought these diapers in a size 6 for my 32lb son, and unfortunately, I cannot recommend these diapers. They run a bit small, which isn't the main issue but it's worth noting. My main issue is that they're not as absorbent as they should be. Since I've begun using them, My son has had several leaks, which I haven't had to deal with since before he was walking. He's now 2yrs old. Almost every time I change him, his skin is visibly wet. This has caused him to have diaper rash. Normally I'm able to clear the rash w/in 24hours of it showing up in the rare occasion that it does. He's currently on his 4th day of an ever-worsening rash, so I will not be using these diapers again or recommending them.

October 12, 2015, 9:04 AM

We decided to gove these a try with our 1yr old as his usual brand huggies little movers where not in stock, needless to say we ABSOLUTELY LOVE these diapers, they hold way better andthey DO NOT SAG!!! Where as the other diapers did. They keep him dry and comfortable as well, we are def sticking with this brand and would love to get out hands on some coupons for them!!

July 4, 2016, 11:03 PM

I usually get honest company diapers but wanted to try these out. My son is 10 months and wears size 6 (always in 80s percentile). He has leaks with every brand that isn't honest company and now this brand as well! I LOVE that they're plant based! That's a key factor I look for. They overall just work great!

July 2, 2017, 10:33 AM