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Wholesome and Healthy Lunches

It happens almost every day at lunchtime. To eat or not to eat pizza or fast food?


Although the convenience of a nearby eatery or cafeteria may sound tempting when your tummy is grumbling, it usually isn’t the most wholesome or healthy choice. When looking for a quick energy boost to get through a long, busy afternoon, it is important to give your body the proper nutrients at lunch.


The best way to overcome those unhealthy habits is to create lunches at home. We are not talking about those unexciting PB&J or turkey sandwiches! Lunches like those can quickly become dull and often are just as unhealthy as eating out.


It’s time to upgrade your lunch options and save money in the process.


Eating out for lunch can cost on average $10 a day, adding up to hundreds per year. Whether you are packing for yourself or for the entire family, creating money-saving lunches can be a simple way to add variety to your lunch without breaking the bank. With some simple planning and the right containers, you can have a perfect “brown bag” lunch every day.


Here are some simple suggestions to get you started:


It’s all about the container

Purchase an eco-friendly bento box with designated containers. Not only does this help reduce waste, it's also great for portion control and preventing items from mixing and getting soggy.


Spice it up with variety

Consider all the food groups when putting together your daily lunch. Keep it colorful by adding fruits and vegetables. Help sustain your energy level with a good protein option like chicken breast or roasted chickpeas.


Think ahead

Lunch does not have to be boring leftovers from the night before. But you can cook extra of the basic ingredients with your dinner (chicken, rice, noodles, etc.) so you can use them differently the next day.


Treat yourself

Try including a healthy dessert in your lunch to prevent you from reaching for the candy dish. Treat yourself to a homemade trail mix bar, a piece of fruit, some dates, or even a small piece of dark chocolate.

How often do you pack a lunch from home?



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