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What’s All This Talk About Meatless Monday?

What if instead of having a “case of the Mondays,” you could start your week off with good karma AND more money in your pocket, all while doing something healthy for yourself? Come on, after the weekend you probably need it.

The antidote: Meatless Mondays. Go vegetarian and be fully plant-powered for one day a week. It’s totally doable and the benefits are major.

There is the obvious karma piece of eating animals; a personal decision but one definitely worth your consideration (more on that here). Then there is the environmental karma piece. Raising livestock and running factory farms requires insane amounts of energy, not to mention all the feed that needs to be grown, manure and waste product disposal – all of this contributes to more than 18% of the Earth’s greenhouse gas emissions (in simple terms, toxic bad stuff for our planet).

We all would rather spend money on our Pinterest wish lists (have you seen Simple Truth’s?) than on food, and going veggie one day a week can save you some serious moolah. Check this out via the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the USDA:

Price per lb
(national avg)

Uncooked brown rice

$ 0.71


$ 0.79

Dried beans

$ 1.45


$ 2.00

Chicken breast

$ 3.17

Ground beef

$ 3.66

Beef steaks (any kind)

$ 6.21

As for the health benefits: research has shown that vegetarians have lower rates of heart disease, weigh less and live longer. Being strictly plant-powered once a week seems like a no-brainer.

But just because something’s vegetarian doesn’t make it healthy; most processed foods are technically vegetarian. We want Meatless Monday to go a step beyond vegetarian - make it a “real food” day! Step out of your fruit or veggie comfort zone with something new, like Asian pears or Brussels sprouts, whole grains like barley or quinoa or beans. Even give tempeh (fermented tofu) a shot.

So get on the Meatless Mondays bandwagon. Because you could use the “karma carwash” and having a case of the Mondays is so last year. - Carolyn Brown MS, RD

About Carolyn Brown:

Carolyn Brown, MS RD is a NYC based nutritionist. She works in private practice at Foodtrainers,  specializing in weight management and general healthy living. Carolyn received her undergraduate degree from Tulane in New Orleans and her Masters from New York University with brief stays in Colorado and Italy in between. She is a weekly contributor to WebMD’s Real Life Nutrition blog and has been quoted and written for many websites, television programs and other publications including CNN, FOX,, CBS news, Glamour, WebMD and the New York Daily News. Carolyn's favorite activities are snowboarding, running and yoga and favorite vice foods are her dad's homemade pizza, and pretty much anything with dark chocolate. Follow Carolyn on twitter for more nutrition nerdiness: @onesmartbrownie. 



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