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The 101 on Free From 101: Why it is Important?

I am a skeptic – of a lot of things (and people too) – but particularly of nutrition and health claims. “Fat-free” usually means added sugar, “sugar-free” typically means added chemicals, and “natural” means whatever a food company wants it to. Why is grocery shopping so complicated? I often go grocery shopping with clients – there’s no better way to help someone eat healthier than by seeing what goes in their cart. The first place we look on a nutrition label? Skip all the numbers, check out what’s in the ingredients.

Simple Truth’s “Free from 101” line is like having a nutritionist go to the market with you. Products marked with “Free From 101” are literally free from 101 ingredients you (and I) don’t want in our food. So no more Googling as you grocery shop - you won’t find freaky food dyes or abbreviations of preservatives in your Simple Truth cereal or snacks. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

But what’s so bad about FD&C dyes and artificial food coloring to begin with? Any cereal or candy that turns your milk (or tongue) a funky color is not as fun as it looks. Many of these artificial food dyes have carcinogenic effects on animals, some affect mood and intensify ADHD symptoms and others are negatively associated with fertility, even sterility.

As far as preservatives go: food companies put a laundry list of chemicals into foods to make the shelf life last longer. As you might imagine, a term like “TBHQ (tertiary butylhydroquinone)” is not something you want in your chicken. Especially once you find out that it’s also used in making lighter fluid. Freaky, right? You don’t want to buy something that will never ever expire anyway. Simple Truth has left all of these toxic preservatives off their shelves.

Let’s be serious, no one wants to spend more time or money food shopping than they need to. Simple Truth’s “Free from 101” line is making your shopping cart healthier and cheaper, so no need for a nutritionist – although I’ll still go grocery shopping with you…  - Carolyn Brown MS, RD

About Carolyn Brown:

Carolyn Brown, MS RD is a NYC based nutritionist. She works in private practice at Foodtrainers,  specializing in weight management and general healthy living. Carolyn received her undergraduate degree from Tulane in New Orleans and her Masters from New York University with brief stays in Colorado and Italy in between. She is a weekly contributor to WebMD’s Real Life Nutrition blog and has been quoted and written for many websites, television programs and other publications including CNN, FOX,, CBS news, Glamour, WebMD and the New York Daily News. Carolyn's favorite activities are snowboarding, running and yoga and favorite vice foods are her dad's homemade pizza, and pretty much anything with dark chocolate. Follow Carolyn on twitter for more nutrition nerdiness: @onesmartbrownie. 




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I hope turpentine is one of the 101.

August 28, 2015, 7:48 PM

Is there any information o carrageenan on this site? Thanks!

December 24, 2016, 9:55 AM