Simple Truth

Simple Truth Organic Frozen Pizzas

  • Each is certified Organic by the USDA requirements
  • Each contain no artificial flavors and no preservatives,  no added MSG, no High Fructose Corn Syrup, 0 grams trans-fat, no FD &C colors
  • Each pizza yields three servings with a serving having 310 to 350 calories depending on type
  • Available in 6 flavor combination:
    •  3 Cheese
      • Combination of mozzarella, Romano and parmesan cheeses
      • Good Source of Vitamin A, and Fiber
      • Excellent source of Protein and Calcium
    • Margherita
      • Combination of mozzarella, parmesan cheeses with tomatoes and basil
      • Good Source of Calcium, Fiber, and Vitamins A & C
      • Excellent source of Protein
    • Spinach & Feta  Pizza
      • Combination of mozzarella cheese spinach and feta cheese
      • Good Source of Fiber, and Vitamin C
      • Excellent Source of Vitamin A, Protein, and Calcium
    • Roasted Vegetable
      • Combination of mozzarella cheese and roasted red and green peppers, roasted onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and roasted garlic
      • Good Source of Calcium, Iron, Fiber, Vitamins A & C and Iodine
    • Spinach & Mushroom Alfredo  (newest one)
      • Combination of mozzarella and parmesan cheeses and spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes
      • Good Source of Iron
      • Excellent source of Vitamin A and Calcium
    • Uncured Pepperoni
      • Combination of mozzarella cheese and uncured pepperoni
      • Uses sea salt: no additional nitrates
      • Good Source of Calcium and Fiber
      • Excellent Source of Protein
  • Freezer storage life of 8 months (keep in original packaging)
  • Each is baked from frozen in 400 F oven for 14 – 20 minutes depending on pizza’s variety
  • Refrigerate any leftovers.
  • Easy to cut and serve as a Game Day treat or appetizer
  • Great paired with a ST salad and organic dressing

About Karen Ilhardt:

Karen’s role as Home Economist in the Kroger Customer Connect (C|c) is to answer customer questions and write about recipes, ingredient substitutions, and Food Safety.  She holds BS and MS degrees from The Ohio State University’s College of Home Economics with a specialty in Resource Management.  Karen also has teaching credentials from Miami University (of Ohio) and Wright State University.  After having been a food teacher for 20 years she transferred to the corporate world in 2011.  Farming and crafting have always been a part of her life.  Karen values being part of our food production and preparation processes PLUS  being able to share those experiences with others.  The Simple Truth Brand embraces the wholesome nature of the foods we select and consume which makes a perfect choice for Karen’s lifestyle.



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