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Simple Game-Day Snack Ideas

Today’s the big day! Are you ready to enjoy the game, discuss your favorite commercials and munch on your go-to snacks? We certainly are.

But if you need some quick snacking ideas or are hoping to include some better-for-you options for you and your guests, here are a few tips:

Salsa for the Win: No game-day spread would be the same without chips and salsa. Simply unscrew the lid and dip the chips! We have several delicious organic flavors, but add some color to your table with our Organic Tomatillo Salsa.

Touchdown for the Tykes: Sometimes kids can be finicky, but who can resist a classic animal cracker? Pour a bowl of our Gluten Free Animal Crackers, and watch the little ones tackle this treat with gusto.

Score One for Meatless: While wings are certainly a staple for the day, serve up Meatless Crispy Tenders for those looking for an alternative. Cholesterol free with zero trans fat, these finger foods are just a BBQ-sauce-dunk or ranch-dressing-drizzle away from stealing the show.

What are some of your favorite game-day snacks? Let us know in the comments!



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