Simple Truth


Baking Organic Bread with Confidence
By Allison Kuhn RD, LD

At its simplest, bread is a humble, baked dough made from flour, water, and yeast. However, as a source of nourishment and a cultural staple, bread has grown to represent sustenance as well as togetherness. As a gift to a new neighbor, a foil-wrapped loaf is a symbol of openness and welcoming. At the dinner table, a fresh yeast roll represents the cozy comforts of home. When Certified Organic ingredients are used to prepare this foundational food, you can trust the purity and wholesomeness of every crumb. Organic Unbleached All-Purpose Flour, Almond Meal Flour, Organic Sugar, Organic Thyme and Rosemary, and Flaxseed Meal are just a few Simple Truth ingredients that can weave uncomplicated goodness into your loaves and slices. Though bread is rightfully lauded for its ability to evoke warm and nostalgic feelings, a touch of science is required for baking success. Below, we explain the practical application of two major bread-baking principles: gluten development and yeast fermentation. You can put this information to use during your next organic bread-baking adventure!

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