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A Nutritious Kickoff to Summer

Ahh…summer; the days are longer, the temperature is warmer and the produce section of the grocery store is bursting with the color and fragrance of succulent and plentiful fresh fruits and vegetables. The sunshine season begins (officially) on Saturday, June 21st though if you ask any student ‘summer’ begins as soon as that last bell rings or when that last exam has been taken, regardless of date. Regardless of how you define summer, the celebration of this season focuses on relaxation and enjoying the time to breathe deeply as the birds sing, the crickets chirp and butterflies and green leaves add a bit of decoration to the landscape. What better way to do this than to allow Simple Truth® to assist with all your summer shindigs regardless of how formal or low key they are?

From picnics to family reunions to celebrating the heroes and independence of the USA, Simple Truth® has something to bring to the table of any summer gathering. Begin a meal with a homemade salsa of cherry tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, black beans, corn and cilantro or the convenient and refreshing Simple Truth® salsa of your choice; quench your thirst and hydrate with electrolyte water and treat yourself to a Frozen Yogurt Bar. Leave the guilt inside along with your winter-weather wear and begin your summer simply and with style without feeling ‘stuffed’ but instead feeling satisfied.

Sixty snack options exist for the long car-rides, day trips, pool or lake side lunches or even if you need to escape the fervor of the office or your career for a few moments. The variety of meats, poultry and even meatless options can help you to build weekly menus and meal plans with ease and convenience which can help you to avoid the spur of the moment, on the go meals that ultimately tend to be less satisfying and more expensive than firing up your grill or pre-heating your oven.

What are some ‘Simple’ changes you can make to your grocery list to kick-off your summer right?


About Sarah:

Sarah Koeninger RD LD is a dietitian licensed in Kentucky and Ohio. As a native Kentuckian, she group up as a Kroger shopper and began working in the Kroger Customer Connect (C|c) shortly after finishing her degree program at Eastern Kentucky University. She holds a Bachelor of Science in General Dietetics and a minor in business and completed her dietetic internship at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, OH. Her position within The Kroger Co. has always been in the Kroger Service Center, where she dedicates her time to answering customer questions regarding Kroger and banner brand products, gluten status, food allergens, nutrition label reading, ingredient statements, labeling laws and regulations, food safety and everything in between. Though her diet consists mainly of “healthy foods” – including Simple Truth fresh lettuces, fruits and vegetables, and almond milk – she does LOVE ice cream (as well as frozen yogurt, gelato, etc.) and almost all Italian food (her ultimate favorite being lasagna, thanks to her Italian heritage).  She likes to cook though does not always follow recipes exactly (thanks again to her heritage) and loves to bake.  She has participated in many sports throughout her life including volleyball, softball and women’s rugby, although she now she maintains her fitness through workouts like kickboxing and yoga, in hopes it will increase flexibility, fitness and patience. She lives with her husband, Kevin, in Erlanger, Kentucky, and is eagerly anticipating the birth of their first child in the Summer of 2013.




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