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Learn more about Simple Truth® Natural Beef, Pork, Chicken and Eggs.

Simple Truth Natural Beef, Pork, Chicken and Eggs meet federal regulations for natural food.

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From juicy burgers and beef tenderloin to pork loin chops and cage-free grade A eggs, Simple Truth natural products meet or exceed federal standards for natural food because they:

  • Are minimally processed
  • Contain no artificial ingredients
  • Are fed a 100% vegetarian diet
  • Contain no antibiotics, ever
  • Contain no added hormones*

* Federal regulations do not permit the use of hormones in chicken.

What does “natural” mean?

The term “natural” applies broadly to foods that are minimally processed and free of:

  • synthetic preservatives
  • hydrogenated oils
  • stabilizers
  • emulsifiers
  • artificial sweeteners
  • most artificial colors
  • artificial flavors
  • artificial additives 

The term "natural" is not regulated except for meat and poultry. The Kroger policy has remained the same as the FDA’s policy on natural foods since 1993.

Why eat natural meat?

  • Consistency: All of our meat producers must adhere to our Simple Truth standards, so you get the same delicious taste every time.
  • Safety: Simple Truth doesn’t use added growth hormones or antibiotics. We don’t feed our livestock any animal by-products. 
  • Taste: Our livestock are fed a 100% vegetarian diet, which lends to the extraordinary flavor of our natural pork, beef and eggs.
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