Simple Truth

Trust What's Simple

Enjoy a celebration of the simple things in life.

Our Customers told us they wanted a simpler way to shop for organic (and some natural) products in our stores. The result? Simple Truth® and Simple Truth Organic®: affordable and delicious foods that represent the joy of eating closer to the way nature intended.

These foods provide a simple, uncomplicated and trustworthy solution to the challenge of simply better living. You’ll find Simple Truth® and Simple Truth Organic® items throughout the store during your everyday shopping trips. Clean, simple packaging and easy-to-understand ingredient statements take the chore out of selecting Organic, Free From 101 and some Natural foods.

Available exclusively at the Kroger® Co. Family of Stores, Simple Truth® and Simple Truth Organic® are honest, easy and affordable.

Natural Products

The Simple Truth™ brand offers several natural food products, such as meat, poultry and eggs.

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What is "Free From 101"?

Learn which artificial preservatives and ingredients you won't find in Simple Truth® products.

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